Google Pay, A smart way offering secure online transaction

When we do online payment we have somewhere in our mind a feeling of doubt does the information provided in the digital media get copied or hacked. If any third party can get access to our bank accounts or our personal details we may lost our hard earned money. However, when this payment is done through a trusted and reliable gateway like Google Pay we are quite assured that our hard earned money are in safe hand and its information is protected.

To provide that security and safety to your wealth ‘Google pay’ offers an online payment system where one can store our wealth. It can be used in the digital media for making a transaction. It is just like an online wallet where your money is safely stored and you can use it anywhere whenever you want. Whether it is for online purchase, investment or transaction all can be done via a single app.

 The app is compatible on Android platform.  The main attractive feature of Google Pay is ‘Tap –to-pay’ which enables an easy payment process. Earlier January 8, 2018 Google provides an app named ‘Google wallet’, later this app combines with the ‘Android pay’ app and brings a new app in front of android users. Google pay app is developed to bring both the feature of a wallet and provide online transaction gateway. This unified app also took the feature of Google Chrome’s autofill feature. All features of android pay have been integrated in the new app while the some of the features of Google wallet comes in a separate app called Google pay send.

The app, ‘Google Pay Send’ features send money from one user to another user over mobile or desktop and vice versa. One might get confused then what is the difference between ‘Google pay’ and ‘Google Pay Send’. Take a breath, there is difference between the two separate app. Google Pay Send allows money transfer through your bank account from one user to another where you need to launch an app and then do the task of money transfer while Google pay make it easier, here you need only to tap to your phone and pay money in stores, it also enables the use of debit cars, credit cards and shopping cards, redeem loyality cards, and offers available in the store without carrying cards. Thus, in other words Google Pay is an advanced option for an online transaction.

In India Google pay is better known as ‘Tez’. When you go to google playstore type tez you will get the app on top of the page.

Recently, another two important features added in app which include

  • Booking of an event ticket: It can be possible to book seats for an event on their smartphone.
  • Boarding Passes: It allows the flight passengers to access entry of the areas which is restricted for general public and also provides an authentication to user to enter into flight.

The basic advantage with Google pay is that you do not need to carry your cards like debit card, credit cards or others, you are only required to feed the detailed information of these cards  in the app and do your shopping or other transaction from anywhere at anytime. Another interesting feature which is going to be integrated with the app is for the money transfer for pre-approved loans. Once your loan is approved now you can enter your bank account number and re-payment option in the app and get your money in your bank account.

The app is for all Android and iPhone user. To get it installed on your phone follow the following steps:

Open Google Playstore in your Android 5.0 or higher version phone

  • Type Google Play or Tez
  • Google Play app will show a small window
  • Tap to the Install button
  • Open the app
  • Enter your phone number
  • Type your Google account username and password to sign in
  • Follow the step provided which provide security to your info.
  • Enter bank account which you want to link for the app for future online transactions
  • Now you are set to do transactions
  • Send money or do transactions
  • Or receive money on your app

It is a new app for India which gets released on August 28, 2018. However, before Google pay ‘Tez’ has been known to provide the online transaction to people in India. With the re-branding of app new features were launched and it has come with a more potent and safer app for your hard earned money. It is one of the most trusted and reliable online transaction app in India.

With the growing cyber crime all around the world, India has also been severely affected with the online frauds. For the safety of your money Google offer the app where you can do transaction online with a safe gateway. The app minimizes also minimizes the frauds done through cards as when there is no cards no information can be leaked even from machines like ATM.

As, recently in news it has been heard that the hackers place a machine in then ATM from where they can copy the information as present on the cards. The app also minimized those chances of information getting copied. It provides a simple and secure gateway for online transaction until and unless your phone will not go in other’s hands.

So, enjoy the smart feature of Google Pay, an online transaction gateway on your Smartphone with safety and security

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