How could you record other phone call conversation

If you want to spy on other’s phone call conversations, you can do it now. Recording phone calls can be accomplished with the help of number of apps available in Google Play store. As there is no built-in function in Android which can perform call recording function. Thus, there is need of an app that helps to record calls.

You can simply go to the Google playstore and type call recorder, a list of apps comes in front of you. Depending on its feature and your requirement you can choose the best one. Here, discussing some of those apps which will clearly do the spy on other phone for you.

Reason could be anything it may be safety or criminal offence. If you want your loved ones to be safe and protective you can make a check at their phone call conversation Or if you want to collect some evidence against a suspect, call recording can be useful.

However, the major drawback is that there is no built-in feature in Android OS to perform phone call recording. And there are only few Apps in Google play store which can perform the operation with crystal clear audio quality. Most of these apps works best on microphone, if the call is on speaker phone the recording can’t be accomplished. To know about those apps have a look at the below points.

Automatic Call Recorder pro

It is recorder app that enables recording of both incoming and outgoing calls. It provides many customizable features through which one can set the app to record as per his need. If you want to exclude recording of call coming from a specific number specific it in the app setting, it will not get recorded. Automatic recording can be enabled as when the call comes or go it can get recorded automatically. The app also offers an interesting feature i.e “Shake to Record” it will enable recording after you shake the phone. App allows saving your recording to places like Google Drive and Dropbox.


Call recorder — ACR

This is another amazing app available in playstore to accomplish your phone call recording need. It also provides customizable feature. It records calls automatically. It is available in both freemium and premium options. If you don’t wants to record any specific call exclude the number from the app setting and it will not get recorded in your phone.

The important feature associated with the app is that it allows the recording of only cellular call it doesn’t record call connected over internet means wifi. Like call done through Google Fi that are made thorough the wifi cannot get recorded with the help of this app. It doesn’t allow call recording over VOIP and wifi.


An external device

If you don’t want to use any app for recording calls you can have another option to accomplish the task. An external device with recording system can also record calls. You can place the external recorder into your phonen 3.5 mm jack. Some of the good dedicated recorders available in the market are mentioned here.

  • Esonic Cell Phone Call Recorder and
  • RecorderGear PR200,

However, recording using an external device is quite expensive. But they are easy to use and provides reliable results.

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