How does the Google voice App Works

Google Voice is an app that provides a phone number to the user to make calls, text messages and send voice mail with the help of intenet. It is compatible with your smartphone and also runs on computers. This number can be linked to any phone number and also to landline numbers to ensure free calling. It is also used in making international call at a much cheaper rate. The app uses VoIP technology to ensure communication. The number provided by the app is called as Google Voice Number. It uses the phone connection whether it is landline or any other phone along with the available internet connection.

It also provides feature to receive multiple incoming call. With a single number you can handle multiple calls. It is going to be a new smart feature added in the communication world. To get this feature on your phone install the app from Playstore.


To get a phone number follows the instructions

  1. Install Google voice app
  2. If installed makes an account
  3. Sign in to your account accept its terms and conditions
  4. Tap on continue button
  5. Search for the city or area code because based on these information you will get the number. If there is any available number in the area. It will be shown next to the number. Follow the instruction as written.


This app also allows to record phone call for free. However, the recording is restricted to incoming calls only. It allows an easy gateway to perform phone call recording. If you have not installed the app visit Google voice website where you need to create a google voice account which enables to download the app and install in your phone. After installation to enable phone call recording follow the following steps.

  1. Visit Google Voice homepage
  2. Select the three dots appears on left side of the page and select setting from the menu
  3. In the setting section locate ‘Calls’ option where you need to turn on Incoming call. It will enable the incoming calls recording on your phone.
  4. Now when you get an incoming call and you wants to record that call just press ‘4’ from your keypad. It will through a voice message that yours call is being recorded it will be heard to both side of person under conversation.
  5. Now the call is recorded and to stop it again you need to press “4”

To access recorded call, go to the inbox where it get saved.

  • Open Google Voice App
  • Go to Menu
  • And Tap Recorded

It will show all the recorded call with the names of the caller

Now access the recording with the names. It provides a great surveillance towards kids, so that the parent can gets a clear information about their friends and what they are talking about. If your kids are going in any wrong path you can correct them after knowing the matter. Google Voice App provides a safe and secure ways to keep an eye over your loved one’s.

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