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In the world of gadget samsung pay brings¬† new features enabled in a handy device. As the name suggests in itself it is associated with feature like’pay’. E-payment of bills are already in the market and successfully done by a huge mass of population around the world. To simplify electronic payment with a concern towards the security of the persons credentials samsung pay brings the solutions.

It works in three simple steps which involve

  • Swipe mobile phone to launch Samsung pay app
  • Authenticate either involving your fingerprint or with the help of Pin number
  • Mention the payable amount and finish the process


Its another name is mobile wallet that keeps your wallet incorporated in your phone. It minimizes the space area occupied in your pocket. Now, you do not need to carry both phone and wallet together with yourself you can do the payment by carrying your mobile phone only. No doubt it’s going to revolutionaries the digital world with a new feature.

Samsung launched samsung pay with a motto that signifies Simple Secure Everywhere. Yes, the device feature truly signifies its motto. In recent time it is going to unfold the digital payment benefits for the customer in terms of security. In a single app all your cards can be stored, you can make purchase from any of your card as per the requirement. Even for the same item purchase on same day there are certain reward points or gifts available. With an app you can keep a track of all your spending done through a day, week or month.

The app works not only for in store payment but also helps to do payment via online gateway or in app. It’s a multitasking technology enables to keep your account safe and make your shopping easier and interesting.¬† In short the major benefits with samsung app are clubbed here

  • Fast service: App works faster than other payment gateways
  • Save space: All your favourite card in your phone
  • Bank Account security: Do not need to show your card and your details in front of other while doing a transaction or payment
  • Simple to use
  • Come with rewarding points
  • Keep track of your bills

It is more than a wallet it offers 3S benefits i.e simple secure and simple service. To know more about the Samsung Pay app visit the samsung website.



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