Key Features of a Wifi Router, Best of Your Type

To check the strength of signal coming from wifi perform a DIY test. Make internet accessible to your laptop throughout the room. Wherever, the signal is high place the router at that open place.

What do basically a router does? It provides a wireless internet connection through which one can connect to any device without using wires. It enables various devices to access same internet connection in a specified zone at the given time. To choose the best wireless router for your purpose follow the steps listed below

Step 1. Find the top internet speed your ISP (Internet service provider) is offering to you. The internet speed can be searched from account details as well. As per the internet speed, wifi router needs to be selected. For example you enjoy internet speed of 1000 Mbps then the router employed can handle the same speed i.e 1000 Mbps at-least.

Step 2. With time new inventions take up the old one and the product you are using gets outdated after some time. Your ISP provides the router on rent also so, that you can update your internet system on regular basis. The amount payable on rent per month is affordable other than making a buying choice where spending thousands rupees.

Step 3. Modem is another important requirement for wifi connectivity. A modem is a device which is required to transmit analog signal to telephone line and digital signals to laptops, etc. If you already have a modem, checks its compatibility with your ISP. Another, option is to buy both modem and wireless router together at lower price.

Step 4. This step is for your budget. Decide the money you have in your budget to spend on wifi router. It eliminates many of the options which doesn’t comes in your budget. It helps to decide the right one which can efficiently meets your requirement. But, be flexible with the budget as it might happen that a bit costier router may meet your requirement better than the other one.

Step 5. Define the place where it needs to be placed. Depending on the number and type of obstacles the signal pass through, router needs to be selected. If the signal transmits through bigger space then it need strong wireless router that can transmit signals to every corner of home. If the wifi connection needs to be transmitted through floors then more than one router is required to establish wifi connection.

Number of device you wants to connect with router will decide the type of wifi router you need. A low bandwith router can support wifi to computers with low bandwidth. Likewise for establishing connection with devices having high bandwidth you need stronger router.



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