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Content writing is not just about writing a essay on a topic or about a specific product, business or organization but it’s about how you can deliver more and more information to your reader with your writing skill so that they can’t get bored. The more engaging is your content the more time audiences spend on your page this makes the writing profitable. Earlier content writers were stick mainly to deliver information about the respective product or the piece of work they are assigned with but with the changing world content writing has evolved a lot. Nowadays content writing demands story telling means how one can make a story and deliver it in the most fascinating ways to the reader so that they love reading.

A writer should be efficient in writing flawless post. The most technical skill involves good grammatical command and correct use of keywords. Here discussing some of the essential skills of a content writer which helps you to make a good writer.

Good Grammatical Hold

The most important part of the content writing is grammatical hold. One must be proficient in writing an error free post where no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes are allowed. A well constructed sentence delivers information very easily to the reader. Read your sentences again and again to find out even a single mistake if there. Allowing a single error may mislead your reader to move out from your post. Make your grammar skill sound with no spell errors.

Research Skill

Researching helps collect wide information about a topic. But, before delivering that information in your writing, writers must check the worthiness and authenticity of that information. Our search engine is full of information some are authentic however some may give you the wrong information. Thus, it is important to check the authenticity of those data before incorporating it in your blog post or article.

A wide thinker

An expansive knowledge of a given topic gives you enormous ways to draft your article or blog post.  A writer needs to be updated with the news and trends in the industry. Being in the competition demands updated skills and incorporating requisite changes from time to time.

Adaptibility and flexibility

Flexibility allows gaining experiences. Experiences from the varied field help to boost the knowledge and encourage the writer to show versatility. Whether it is about writing a blog post, article or a press release a good content writer should be capable of writing any of these with ease and comfort.


Before you write you have a story in your mind which helps to establish a connection between reader and writer. The writing should generate curiosity among reader which triggers them to read ahead and should not get bored . Writer’s Creativity binds the reader to the page.

Know your Audience

Write according to audience interest, search and wants. Readers will reach to you only if they find your post in their search. Thus, a writer must know what the audience wants? And then write accordingly which full fill their desire or search.

Find out the latest trends or what the audiences wants to hear from you. Once you find your audiences and their needs your basic research has been done. Now, write down the article or blog post which gives yours audiences answer of their questions they are searching for. Make it very clear and simple so that the audiences can catch the information easily. While writing one must kept in his mind that they are wiring only for their audiences who are readers not for the brand neither for the company.

 Promotional Strategies

Content writing will be fruitful only if it had a good promotional strategy. Ranging from SEO to social media all platforms are good to promote your content and generate traffic. Google analytics helps to analyze your writing in this competitive world.

Along with the writing skills a successful writer need to have some extra knowledge of SEO, Social media and other platforms which help them to promote their writing. And the most important thing that a writer should have is that they should enjoy their writing very well if you are writing only because you are asked to do so it will not take you to the long run. If you want to write then only you will go in a long run.

A combination of all the above mentioned skill will help to develop a Good Content writer who is efficient in writing an article achieving a high ranking in the Google search engine. Editing is an important part of content writing where a writer should read his blog or article as many times till he didn’t get confident about his post. A writer should read his content in the way just like a reader coming to your page going to read it and correct all the mistakes if present. A good article is flawless and goes with the flow, it creates a picture in reader mind of that object or the topic described in the article.



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