How to keep wifi secure and safe

You might be busy with your phone, tab or laptop and feeling safe at home that no body would steal your data as they are safe in your system.

You feel safe at home and think that your belongings are also safe. But have you ever realised that there can be digital threat to your digital data while sitting at home. Without your permission of sharing any information with others your information get leaked. Yes, it is true in case of wifi world where you are connected with the world with a wireless connection there is possibility of theft.

The major consequences of this theft which you need to face are discussed he

You need to pay more as the internet is being shared by other users also. In case when you pay on basis of per byte of data transfer there you will be charged more then the amount used by you.

Internet access speed go slow down as the internet is shared by other digital devices as well. While sharing same internet connection with may users slows down the internet access speed.

As the wifi has been hacked the hacker may also get the permission to interfere with the data stored in your digital devices. Wifi theft leads to privacy at stake.

But thankfully there are  measure to prevent theses theft while taking precision and care while establishing a wifi connection.

Here discussing all these measures

  1. First find out how to open the router’s setting page. Type “” into web browser and enter the correct name and password. Username and password is different for all router’s for check your router’s manual. However, manuals are also available online which you can access or download easily. Links for the major router’s brand are here:

Linksys, Cisco, Netgear, Apple AirPort, SMC, D-Link, Buffalo, TP-LINK, 3Com, Belkin


  1. Change the default username and password. And set a unique username and password for router.
  2. Now, also change the network SSID and try some very unique user ID.
  3. Enable the network encryption tool. Encryption of the network means to create a powerful shield for your network connection so that no other device can acess your internet connection without your permission. WEP is a least secure encryption tool while WPA2 is most secure.
  4. Every wireless device comes with a Mac addresses (don’t confuse it with Apple Mac). Adding a layer of protection to wifi connection Mac addresses of every device required to be connected to internet can be added to router’s setting. Mac address can be find from command prompt of your computer. Type “ipconfig /all’ under the “Physical addresses” option Mac addresses of the device is written. However, the Mac address is not very secure as it may cracked by hackers bu to crack that address one must know the devices connected to the wifi network.
  5. Keep the wifi signal confined to a specified area as small as possible. To shorten the wifi range change the router’s mode to 11g. Place router at the position where the signal gets prevented to spread like under the bed. Inside shoe box or a foil can be wrapped around the router. Another way is to paint thew wall inside with with anti wifi paint which has been developed by researchers.
  6. Router’s firmware must be latest. IT can be found at router’s firmware 192.168.

Along with the precaution taken for secure wifi there is a protocol named Wireshark developed to access the all HTTP request sent through a particular internet connection. It helps to detect the place from where the digital theft coming. The software is a reliable and widely used protocol to track digital theft.



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