How to set up a wifi connection at home

To have a wifi connection at home you need to do some tasks in these points which is discussed briefly here in points.

  1. Gather the equipments required which include A broadband connection, modem, router, and your digital device required to acess internet.
  2. Now set up internet connection using broadband connection and modem
  3. Enable internet connection to pass to other devices using a router
  4. Now connect your device with the network. It needs setting user ID and password.

Wifi connection makes it easy to access internet from the any place at your home. Even thought the wifi present in a room other than the access point it gives an uninterrupted network to the user using internet. But for a common person who do not have much knowledge about the wifi connection and its setup it quite difficult for them to establish connection of their own. People opt for calling a professional to set up a connection spending bucks. This blog sort your problem and provides step by step instruction how to setup wifi connection at home of your own.

Step 1. Firstly gather all the required items for establishing an internet connection. For setting a wifi you need a broadband internet connection and a modem.A broadband is a high speed internet connection. To get the broadband connection you need to contact your internet service provider which is of two type

  1. Digital subscriber line : It is provided by telep[hone companies
  2. Cable line : It is provided by cable tv companies

Now another requirement is router and modem. Some ISPS provides these also. However, modem and router are also available at stores in the market. While making a purchase to router an important question arises which is the best one, how to select the best. To answer this question our previous blog is there for you How to keep wifi secure and safe to find out which is the best router for your need. Another important requirement is the availability of wireless network adapter which comes already installed with most of the PCs and laptops.

Step 1. Generally  internet service provider charge monthly for your internet connection. Choose the best subscription as per your requirement and location.

Connect the modem to the broadband connection in cable outlet or telephone outlet as per your service provided to you.

In previous step modem is connected to cable port now establish a  connection between modem and router. Using a Ethernet cable plug in to the modem square port and other side of it connect to the router’s square port. The router port is labelled with wifi or related name.

Plug in both router and modem into power source to enjoy continuous power supply. Turn both on. When it goes on a light consistently blows to indicate it is on

Now after the hardware connection are made now connect devices with wifi connection. Whether it is your phone, laptop, PC or any other device.

Go to setting of your devices , choose the wifi connection, select the right service provider for you. Check the SSID name of the internbet service provider with that written on router’s back.

Enter the passwords as a security key same as written on the router. Matching the correct password enables toa cess internet connection. You can change the default password as it helps to secure your internet connection from intruders.

Some important points to note down: Place router at the centre of your home so that all corner receive the equal strength wifi connectection. No objects should be placed in between the router and device to ensure the uninterrupted connection.

When you have internet connection at home now you can play video games with other with the help of your gaming system. You can watch youtube, open facebook and other entertainment sources.





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