System Restore, How to backup registry files and folder before making a change

There are the steps provided to back up registry files and folder before you are going to make a change in it. Back up of files should be taken as a precaution in case if the changes made went wrong or it creates some serious problem. So, when you already have a back up you can make changes and can restore the files if anything went wrong. Follow the steps to creats a backup of registry

From the start menu search box type regedit and press enter

If you are prompted for admin password enter and provides the confirmation to go ahead

Once the registry editor is opened select the registry key or subkey that you want to backup

Now click on file and then export it

Now a dialog box will n which ask for the location where you want to keep the backup. Select the desired location and type the file name where all data is going to be stored.

Click save

Other than backup option there is another option to save your files and data in system is system restore. Create a restore point where al files and data are save and you make further makes changes and if something went wrong run the system from that restore point. Follow the following step to create a restore point

From the start menu type restore point

From the search result select create a restore point

Select create and follow the instruction

Now a restore point has been created from where you can restore all your files and data, if something went wrong during the editing process





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