Win 7 user profile failed to load

You might came across the failed windows logon problem. It can occurs even if you have not done any changes to your operating system. Sometimes, it happen as the window fails to read your login attempt. Here are some solutions to resolve login issues

First try multiple attempts to login by restarting your system. IF the problem doesn’t get solved then the only solution is to open it in safe mode. If you don’t know how to open in safe mode following the below mentioned steps either switch to the next paragraph

After shut down when ypu press the button to start your system press and hold ‘F8’ button or press it multiple times before operating systems booting. Remember ‘F8 should be pressed before window logo appears. If window logo gets appear then you need to start it again. Otherwise a window rompting safe mode and its multiple option wll be shown after pressing ‘F8’ key. Now with the help of arrow key move the cursor to safe mode and press enter. Safe mode will displayed on monitor. Now, follow the following methods to resolve logon problem issue:

If your operating system provides startup repair & recovery or system restore feature you can opt for it to resolve logon problem. To go for this follow these simple steps:

  • Click the start button and type system restore in the search area. Click to the system restore option. It will run your system from the previous time when you have not made any changes or your last restore point. It many cases it will work to resolve window logon problem. After the restore complete try login with the system normally if it will get loaded then your are successful else try another one.

Another method to recover your system from loading problem: In this method you need to know how to work with registry as with any wrong step may lead to system crash or serious problem. So it is important that one must back up registry files while making any change as the back up can be restore if there is any problem happens.

(how to back registry is detailed in another article (coming soon) )

  1. In the start search button type regedit and enter to open registry menu
  2. Once the registry editor is opened find subkey:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

In the navigation pane find folder that is named as S-1-5 followed by a long digit.

Click each and every S-1-5 folder and locate ProfileImagepath from details pane to ensure the same user account with logon issue.

If you have only one folder which begins with S-1-5 which ends with .bak extension. Rename that folder and remove only the extension i.e .bak and then enter.

If there is two or more folder with the S-1-5 name then rename the two folder. Rename the folder without .bak to .ba. And rename the .bak folder to same folder name but without .bak. The extension .ba is added to the one without .bak just to distinguish the two folder.  Now further rename the folder with .ba to .bak.

Now click the folder without .bak in details pane and then double click Ref Count 0, type 0, and then press OK button.

Now the task has been done close the registry editor.

Restart laptop and check if the logon is successful

Congrats, ! now you’re also a techky. Say thanks to yourself and celebrate with your ‘lappi’ with whatever you want to do with it.






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