How to create a facebook page for your new blog or website: A stepwise guide

If you are new to a blog and wants to start your own blog which is read, liked and share by people around the world you need to include some marketing strategies. One of the strong marketing strategies that one should include is to create a facebook fan page. It helps the blogger to make their blog or stories visible to the known and unknown person both. So, let’s start building a facebook page for your business. If you are going to make a facebook page for a blog follows the steps below.


  1. For a facebook page you must have a facebook account which should be looged in or if you don’t have an account signup with an fb account. As you are logged in to your fb account there is a ‘create Page’ option at your leftmost end of the facebook page.

  1. Click on Page option and a new menu will be seen where you need to select the type of your business for website and blogs choose brand or product name option.

  1. Now add name of your business and click on ‘Get started’.

  1. Now it’s time to design your facebook fan page and include information about your company, product, blog or website. Facebook fan page is just like your profile timeline.


  1. Set up small description, name , profile picture, cover photo and other information about the blog in the facebook fan page While filling all information keep in mind that it must have keywords for your blogs and profile picture should be maximum of 180*540 px not more than it. Now save all info.

  1. Now its time for promotion. Once you have saved basic information about your blog now send invitation to your friends to like your page.


  1. Now you have another important option in your page which is setting where you can write, edit or delete the info you want to do.

Fb provides a platform where you can make your business, website, product or blog visible to masses. More you are connected with the world will help your blog to create connection with the world. It is one of the strongest marketing strategies in the present day to promote your business. Even if people want to announce something they use this platform to let the masses known about their product or brand. However, including right SEO strategy in marketing of your business will gives wings to your business

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