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If you have a little bit of knowledge about SEO you knows its abbreviation that is search engine optimization. As the name suggests it is the optimization of search engines where search engines can be Google, Yahoo, Bing or other. Depending on the search engine optimization techniques should be implemented. Google search engine is a big giant in the market where is available for all and contains almost everything required by us. It is so many users friendly that it is employed and recommended by all. Here discussing some basic seo techniques which help your network or web page to be seen in the high ranking of Google search engine.  In seo content marketing is very important. It is also said that content is king same with seo techniques. The quality of your content matters the most in ranking of your web page.

In SEO particularly keywords embedded in the content helps to give the ranking the search engine. A keyword stuffed content doesn’t makes sense however, a naturally written keyword in the content matters the most. While taking about the key word in content then the most important point is the optimal keyword density. However, optimal keyword density is nothing if the content is written naturally and not coped from any other website. Mostly it is considered that the keyword density should be between 1% to 3%. Generally it is calculated by the formulae

Keyword density is calculated in terms of percentage of the number of times a keyword or phrase appears in content to the total number of words in it.  Mathematically it is written as

K.W = ( Nk / Tw) *100

However the others believes that an optimum keyword density is calculated as

Optimum K.W = ( Nk / (Tw – (Nk (Nwk-1)))) *100

Where Nk is the number of times keywords appear in content

Nw is the number of words present in a keyword or phrase

Tw is the total number of words in content

K.W is the keyword density

Another formulae that Seo personnel uses in their content marketing is


These formulae suggest the number of times a keyword can be repeated in a content. Other then the technicality if the ranking, if we talk about the quality of the content then no one technical method would stand in front of it . In a quality based content keyword can be repeated more or less times than that calculated in the methods. So, the primary focus while writing the content to get the better raking is to validate the usefulness of the content to the audiences. The giant search engine like Google focuses mainly on the benefits of the content relates to the audiences. If the content is the valuable it will get better ranking in the search engines solely based on the its quality. However, the keywords and other factors also affects the ranking criteria.

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